Watch The Walking Dead

This is the best and safest free way online to watch The Walking Dead.

October 30, 2013 at 2:05pm

Do not miss this opportunity! All 3 seasons of this amazing show are now available here on YouTube for you to download - completely free and with a fast download speed!

This is the best and safest free way online to watch The Walking Dead.

Don’t worry about your ISP: this is not a torrent. This is a simple Dropbox share. No questions asked ;-)

1st step: Download the text file with the Dropbox URL inside from the links I provided in the top of the description.
2nd step: Open the text file you just downloaded and copy the URL inside.
3rd step: Paste and open the DropBox URL in your browser.
4th step: Browse through the folders and choose the episodes or seasons you want.
5th step: Download them all!

— Proof of all seasons, episodes and sharable URLs is available in the video above.
— All episodes are in 720p (1280x720 resolution) - both audio and video have a really good quality.
— Downloads are very fast and only depend on the speed of your internet connection (thanks to Dropbox).
— Downloads and everything else is completely free!
— Subtitles are NOT included.
— Files aren’t zipped nor are they protected by password.

What’s Included:
.: Season 1 (6 episodes)
.: Season 2 (13 episodes)
.: Season 3 (16 episodes)
.: ‘Bicycle Girl’ Webisodes (6 episodes)

- Files format: Matroska (.mkv extension)
- Resolution: 1280x720p
- Audio and speech: original, english
- Host: Dropbox
- Total Size: 49.3 GB
- Folders: 4
- Number of files: 41
- Average size per file: 1.21 GB
- Upload time: 8h at 2 MB/s

Dropbox, sharing and files proof at 0:49

Dropbox URL last check (DD/MM/YYYY): 23/10/2013 - tested and working!

Good Luck